Plastic Valve Stem Caps

Plastic valve stem caps can be made in different colors or finish, green, black, gray, red, yellow, blue and chrome plated can be ordered.

plastic valve stem caps
PC01B plastic valve stem caps, black, dome top
VC08BL plastic valve stem caps, blue, flat top
PC02B plastic bick valve caps
PC03G plastic valve stem caps, green, dome top
VC08BL-S sealing type VC8BL
PC04Gr plastic valve stem caps, green, dome top
PC06B plastic valve stem caps, green, screwdriver top
PC07Gr plastic valve stem caps, grey

Aluminum Tire Valve Caps

Aluminum tire valve caps can be oxidized to various colors. Note: can not be used on brass valves. If you want to used on brass valves, pleas chose plastic valve stem caps or brass valve stem caps.

aluminum tire valve caps
Extair No. Description
ALC12Y aluminum tire valve cap, yellow
ALC13 aluminum tire valve cap,  white
ALC14R aluminum tire valve caps, red
ALC08B aluminum tire valve cap,  black
ALC03G aluminum tire valve cap, green
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